HOT ! HOT ! HOT ! Sorry, it’s just that my bed was almost on fire.  Yep, true story. Well, my mom needed to fix the air-conditioning system, so she called this guy to fix it. So, he fixed it, but the following night, it was a bit over 90 degrees (F)! Now I feel how Spencer felt when he was stuck in the heating duct. PHEW! Also, don’t forget to go to Amber StarGem’s event today at 1:35 PST.  At 1:00, Amber Fairyheart is holding a teleport bus. Go to the Awesome Pyromancer’s Diary for more info (I wish I knew how to post links!).

Hmm, should I come up with something to say when I sign off? Like Friendly’s “Happy Dueling”, for example.


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