I need to think of a better title for this…

I haven’t been posting on here since a few days? Yay! I need to come up with a new page. Yes, the one that is under construction. What would I use it for… And I just realized something about blogging: Never before so many people with so little to say said so much to so few. What does that pharse mean, anyway? Well, back to the main topic, WHAT WOULD THE NEW PAGE BE??? I would like for you, my readers, or reader, to tell me in the comments. Also, whoever is spamming me, please stop. You are only wasting your time, because this site has spam protection. Do something better with your time, because no one will see what you typed, therefore the site won’t get ruined as easily.

Keep on blazing! ~Charles Raven, Grandmaster Pyromancer

(Yes! I finally made a signature!)


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